NBA executive and former Smith H.S. star developing townhomes at a prime Triad location

Secret Ingredients to Success: Dream, Believe & Be Enthusiastic – Leap Cast with Dr. George James

How to Create Financial Safety from 3x Olympic Gold Medalist – Going Long Podcast with Billy Keels

In this conversation, you’ll learn the following:

[00:36 – 03:59] BJ’s profile, in Billy’s guest introduction.
[03:59 – 09:18] The backstory and decisions made that led BJ to this point in his journey.
[09:18 – 12:57] The goals and dreams that BJ had from Basketball to Real Estate, and how he went about making those dreams reality.
[12:57 – 15:11] How humility played a part in the big changes and sacrifices BJ made on his way to success.
[15:11 – 17:30] The spark that made BJ want to go into Real Estate Investing.
[17:30 – 19:33] How BJ manages to do so many things and have such a busy schedule and still manage to make a success in each area.
[19:33 – 25:01] How BJ knew that the market locations that he wanted to go into were the right ones based on what was going on in his life at that moment and what was a good fit for him.
[25:01 – 29:52] Lessons that BJ learnt in his early past, especially from his mom, that are still true and important today, and still play a part in the decisions made in investment deals.
[29:52 – 32:45] How the experience of being involved in team sports has helped BJ to continue to be successful and grow, in areas beyond his sporting life.
[32:45 – 40:19] BJ’s focus in the investment world in terms of how it goes beyond financial return.
[40:19 – 42:04] What BJ sees for his future and that of Metamorph Investments in the next 2 to 5 years.
[42:04 – 44:44] What makes Greensboro a good market location to invest in.

Olympic Gold Medalist to Real Estate Investor – Money with Mission Podcast

In this episode, we learn how BJ Johnson used his determination, perservance, and discriplne to help him go from learning to play basketball by watching videos and reading books to becoming an Olympic basketball player

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